Democracy in Latin America: better than it sounds

Latin America is living a time of democratic pessimism: the downfall of all resemblance of democracy in Venezuela and Nicaragua, the ascent of a fascistoid candidate in Brazil, the endless carnage unleashed by organized crime in Mexico, the long list of prosecuted former Latin American presidents
-either fugitives from justice or imprisoned for corruption charges. According to  Latinobarómetro’s figures, support for democracy in the region has lost eight points in less than a decade. Conversely, the proportion of those who declare themselves indifferent between a democratic and a non-democratic regime has risen nine points in the same period. The time has come to fight against prevailing rhetorical catastrophism: the perception that our democracies are unable to build better societies -ruses designed to protect the powerful- that can lead to oust the system without further ado.

(in Spanish)

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