Education on Human Rights in Latin American museums

The foundations for the development of FIHRM-LA are now laid, and the team is focused on identifying the most appropriate activities to reach FIHRM-LA’s main objective: to help museums educate their public in respecting and defending the Fundamental Human Rights.

When conceiving FIHRM-LA, the chances of ever achieving such a goal were debated. Everyone wondered whether it is actually possible to educate during a visit to a museum. There is consensus that a person who visits a museum can certainly get information. But, apparently, education requires more than a single visit. It takes time to educate.

Despite that, however, there are facts that seem to prove otherwise: we know that sometimes, when we see an object, we read a text, we hear a story… we can be moved, we can reflect, and we can even take a new turn in life. All those experiences are part of a process that may be called education. All those experiences often do take place in museums.

Exploring the nuances of providing education in museums took a whole year of research, of exchanging proposals, concerns and different approaches. Yet every step meant progress. FIHRM-LA is moving towards the goals set. Everyone is invited participate. FIHRM-LA is accessible in the main social networks.

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