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Latin America’s corrupt veins

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Unfortunately, Latin America can offer a whole array of corruption cases, according to the stage of interest. Larva corruption, corruption generating international conflict, national conflicts begotten by corruption, opening a more or less deeper gap in society that can build up to civil confrontation, depending on the country under analysis. However, in all cases, as in [...]

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Corruption costs the world $2.6 trillon per year

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Corruption is present in all countries, “rich and poor, North and South, developed and developing”, said United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres. He suggested the international community work effectively against money laundering, tax evasion and the illicit financial flows that “have deprived countries of much-needed resources,” and that feed further corruption.The poor and vulnerable suffer disproportionately from [...]

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Corruption is a violation of human rights

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According to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), “corruption is a complex phenomenon that affects human rights in their entirety – civil, political, economic, social, cultural and environmental –,  as well as the right to development; weakens governance and democratic institutions, promotes impunity, undermines the rule of law and exacerbates inequality”. (in Spanish)  

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