2010, 2018

The region, going the wrong way

These are tough times for Latin America and the Caribbean. In recent years, the region has fluctuated between instability and mobilisation. Corruption, inequality, and authoritarian systems have led to widespread [...]

2010, 2018

Corruption: the last promise of politics

Corruption is not new in Latin American history. Nevertheless, the great difference lies in that corruption is surfacing from democratic regimes and not hand by hand with dictatorships or kleptocracies. [...]

2010, 2018

Democracy in Latin America: better than it sounds

Latin America is living a time of democratic pessimism: the downfall of all resemblance of democracy in Venezuela and Nicaragua, the ascent of a fascistoid candidate in Brazil, the endless [...]

2010, 2018

Disdain for life

Public health in Latin America is in ruins. The right to live with dignity has turned into a privilege for thousands of citizens who die due to diseases that could [...]

2010, 2018

Latin America’s corrupt veins

Unfortunately, Latin America can offer a whole array of corruption cases, according to the stage of interest. Larva corruption, corruption generating international conflict, national conflicts begotten by corruption, opening a [...]

2010, 2018

Corruption costs the world $2.6 trillon per year

Corruption is present in all countries, “rich and poor, North and South, developed and developing”, said United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres. He suggested the international community work effectively against money [...]